About Us:

CrossFit George is a family. We are passionate about CrossFit and changing people’s lives for the better. When you first walk through our doors you will notice something different about this place. It really is a welcoming space where everyone is valued, and we understand that everyone is on his/her own journey towards better health. No matter where on that journey you are, we are here to partner alongside you and provide the environment for you to achieve your goals. CrossFit George is run by two young and dynamic people, The Addicotts, an energetic husband and wife team. It is certainly a case of all hands on deck. We really believe in our product and what we are providing for people. We strive to give people an authentic CrossFit experience, where the environment is safe, challenging and fun. Community is extremely important to us, as is the fact that this programme can work for anyone. Our membership is designed so that you have an opportunity to experience what we have to offer before you have to sign up and commit to anything. We really encourage you to pop in and have a chat with us over a cup of coffee. Get to know us and what we are all about. If you are as passionate about being healthy as we are about helping you achieve that, you will be a perfect fit.

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